NEWS – “Swedish Mother Betrays Her Daughter To Virtue Signal About Diversity”

Sweden is suffering as a country, the corruption of feminism and the push for a multicultural authoritarian state have taken their toll on a beautiful, proud people.

The latest example is one where a feminist mother betrays her daughter in one of the most repulsive ways possible.

A single mother, 45, was working at a refugee shelter in Sölvesborg when she began a sexual affair with one of the migrants, Abdul Dostmohammadi. Once Dostmohammadi turned 18 he could no longer remain at the shelter for under aged children. The mother offered to take the migrant into her home.

She continued her relationship with the 18-year-old once he had moved in. The Afghan was very touchy with her 12-year-old daughter, often hugging her and kissing her, which made her feel uncomfortable as his kisses were very close to her lips.

In the autumn of 2017 while drinking one night with the mother, the refugee began dancing with the daughter. He began touching her “in a way that did not feel ok.” Things got much worse when the mother went to the toilet and the Afghan refugee put his hand up the 12-year-old’s skirt, into her underwear and touched her, according to a court statement.

The daughter told the mother who confronted the refugee, but nothing came of it. He was allowed to remain in the house which the child said, “felt weird.”

A few days later, while staying with her estranged father, the daughter told her older sister about the incident, who in turn told the father. He, as any good parent should do, immediately reported this to the police.

Abdul Dostmohammadi, now 19, was found guilty of sexual molestation and given a suspended 3-month sentence and 100 hours of community service.

When the 45-year-old single mother was questioned she said that she did not want to report him to police as she feared he would be sent back to Afghanistan.

The mother, a #MeToo supporting feminist, was more concerned about the feelings of the immigrant and hiding the crimes of refugees than she was in doing her prime job, protecting her young child. She even tried to find a place for him to stay at one of her feminist friend’s homes. Describing him in a facebook group as a “wonderful kid.”

How twisted are things in Sweden? How deep must the rot of feminism be within the culture where mothers are willing to sacrifice their daughters on the altar of multiculturalism? Feminists have, for years, claimed that their movement’s purpose is to protect, strengthen and uplift women. How can this be when crimes of sexual assault on young girls are covered up by their own mother. Add this to a justice system that should be removing these criminals from the country yet, instead give them barely more than a slap of the wrist.

The Left’s dogma is deep rooted in Sweden, from the Feminist government down through the education system, and the country suffers massively for this. Sweden has let in large numbers of immigrants, too much for such a small population. The government covers its ears to the population’s cry for help against an invading force. And while there are women like this, who value the migrants over their own daughters, and hordes of delusional women holding signs saying, “Refugee’s Welcome Here” the future may indeed be grim for this once great country.

Sweden is the canary in the mine of the Left’s utopia of multiculturalism, and the canary is lurching around it’s cage half dead. Surely the state of Sweden should be enough for us all to see that we cannot continue this disastrous course.



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